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Please feel free to submit your results using the button - send a Spreadsheet with the following information:

  • Names of Players

  • Amount of Rounds Played

  • End of Tournament Results

  • Country of Origin 

  • Player faction played

The maximum number of points for an event is:

(60 + [No. players]) * [Round Weight]

  • [No. Players]: The number of players attending the event. This has a minimum of 6 and a cap of 40. Any event over 40 players counts as 40 for the ranking score.

  • [Round Weight]: An event must have at least 3 games/rounds to be ranked. Any event with 3 games has a Round Weight modifier of 0.6, 4 games is 0.8 and for 5+ games the modifier is 1.0.


The winner of the event recieves the maximum points. Other players receive a portion of these points based on their finishing position, determined linearly, down to 1 point for attending. 

Mantic Games

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