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Aug 21

Northern Alliance!


Little project log to get my Vanguard warband painted.


I've had about 4 NA war bands laying around incomplete, so time I fixed that.


I converted a few models to make them unique in this warband, and want to start them first (plus, they will appear in my full KoW NA Army in 3rd Edition.)





Then there is my Snow Troll Prime - converted to be a "Shaman" (and no, they cannot actually use a shaman, but it looks cool so I did it!)



All work so far has been using only Contrast paints and washes - next step is highlighting and metallics.


Then paint the 3 x Half-Elf Berserkers, Frostfang (with converted Half-Elf Berserker riding it, another Ice Queen... and 2 Frosty Blue people with harpoons.


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